Seven types of Spirit Guide

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The Seven Types of Spirit Guides explores the specific characteristics, gifts, and challenges that each type of guide brings. Starting with a quiz to discover their type of spirit guide, readers will then learn how to communicate with their spirit guides to work through any challenges - be it healing ancestral trauma, growing their business soulfully, or living a life with purpose.

This is the first-ever exploration of seven different kinds of cosmic helpers that have communicated with shamans, mediums, priests, and everyday people across cultures and throughout human history. This refreshing guide reveals that the key to success lies in adapting (not appropriating) the proven techniques developed by other spirit communicators around the world.

This book is unique in that it not only answers the question of what spirit guides are but helps the reader identify their very own team of guides. Best of all, it reassures the reader that they dont need to be a shaman, witch, priest, or other professional spirit worker, nor have any special abilities to connect with their guides. All they need is an open mind.