Tony T-Rex's Family Album: A History of Dinosaurs!

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Tony T-Rex's Family Album is a humorous history of dinosaurs as told by Earths last surviving dinosaur, Tony. Tony pens a no-holds-barred family history, and the stories that surface reveal the defining characteristics of some of the most memorable creatures from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

Tonys memoir includes tales about his great-great-great-grandpa Greedy Guts Bill, the Brachiosaurus who was known to eat stones to help with indigestion, and beak-mouthed Aunt Norni the Sinornithosaurus, the first female dinosaur ever to achieve flight. It also presents the familys blackest sheep a Ceratosaurus called Horace The Horn who, in a time of great scarcity and hunger, took a bite out of one his hunting buddies and pursued a lifestyle of cannibalism.

Featuring the quirky illustrations of Rob Hodgson, Tony T-Rexs Family Album stands apart from the numerous dinosaur books on the market for its characterful creatures and humorous approach to palaeontology. It is the first in a series that brings archaeology alive for young children.