Touch: The Science of the Sense that Makes Us Human

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Why does holding a hot drink make us like people more?

How can a soldier under fire not even notice he's been shot?

What makes sex so much fun?

Touch is the most important sense we have. Without it, we cannot entirely feel pleasure or pain - we are less than human.

In fact, as David Linden demonstrates in the astonishing stories gathered here, touch is central to who we are - from choosing our partners to comforting us on our deathbeds.

Exploring the many surprising facts and myths about our sense of touch, Linden reveals how it defines us - and how, by understanding it, we can better know ourselves.

'The best science writers infect you with their fascination for their subject - that's exactly what Linden achieves here.' BBC Focus

'Illuminating. Asks and answers some intriguing questions.' Sunday Times

'Will make you think more deeply about every itch, scrape and caress.' Washington Post