True Stories of Animal Heroes: Fluffles: The Brave Koala Who Held Strong Through A Bushfire

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Fluffles is a picture book story based on the real-life antics and behaviours of the koalas in the outback.

A debut picture book for the series Creatures Great and Small, the story of Fluffles is based on the real-life antics and behaviours of the koalas in the Australian outback.

One day, Fluffles and friends noticed bush fires starting in the outback. There was nowhere to escape so they rose up, up, up into the trees to wait it out until the ashes cooled. But when they climbed down, the hot trees burned their tiny paws. While they healed, they found one another and snuggled up, as the big hugs reminded them of their trees. Their care for one another helped make the whole outback feel better. Their hugs were an act of heroism!

Adorable illustrations from Rachel Qiuqi will make you want to hug the page. Creatures Great and Small is a series of picture books based on real-life animal antics in which children discover that all creatures have important stories to tell us - no matter how great or small. These true stories feature animals as models of positive qualities like compassion, justice and using ones power for good. As children grow, they too will value and seek these qualities in their own stories and in the world around them. Also debuting for the series is Onyx, based on the wolves of Yellowstone Park - with even more heartwarming stories to come.