We Need to Talk About Grief

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Absorbing and heartfelt stories of grief combined with timely advice on how to help support your loved one through a time of loss.

When Annie Broadbent was just twenty-five her mum died of cancer. One of the hardest, and least expected, aspects of the whole experience was the way in which support from friends and family (verbal, practical and emotional) was so often varied and inadequate. We don't have a language to help people suffering from grief and we often shy away from discussing death altogether.

Frustrated with seeing family and friends paralysed by their fear of death - and their reluctance to talk about it - Annie decided to share her own experience of grief and the stories of others as a way to help shed some light on the darkest moments in life. The contributors differ in age, gender and background but all have experienced 'immediate loss' - a child, parent, sibling, partner or close friend. Each contributor interviewed by Broadbent will share what helped them cope and what didn't. In addition, there will be expert advice from key charities working to support people through the grieving process.