What's My Teenager Thinking?: Practical child psychology for modern parents

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Parenting just got tougher. As the teenage brain rewires, hormones surge, and independence beckons, a perfect storm for family conflict emerges. But help is at hand.

This uniquely practical parenting book for raising teenagers in today's world is grounded in evidence-based psychology, exploring the science at work during this period of child development and showing how your behaviour and response as a parent has never been more important.

Taking over 100 everyday scenarios, the book tackles real-world situations head-on, from what to do when your teenager slams their bedroom door in your face to how to handle concerns such as online safety and sex. You'll discover how you can create a supportive environment at home and what you can say and do to help your teenager manage whatever life brings.

Get through the tough times together and emerge with a relationship based on mutual respect and understanding.